New Year Music Classes Resume Online!

We are delighted to be able to continue some of our classes online from JANUARY 12th. Having done some great work and recording before Christmas, a couple of our classes have undergone a bit of a redesign to get the most benefit and enjoyment from this online platform. We are also delighted to open the doors to new as well as returning students.

Taking part in classes via Zoom can seem daunting to begin with, but you will very quickly settle in to our relaxed and supportive atmosphere. These are new experiences for us all, but the gifts of the arts to our educational, social and mental well being are well worth the effort. ❤

GUITAR ACADEMY: Guitar classes will continue at a pace to suit each group, sourcing new material from students as well as myself – we have some good suggestions and requests in already! These classes will be a mix of new skills and songs taught, as well as individual work undertaken by each student. Classes currently are for students with some previous playing experience and we are happy to accept new or returning students with some guitar knowledge to our online community. For beginners in guitar or ukulele, pls see note below*.

GUITAR SCHEDULE: Advanced Guitar – Wednesdays 6pm. Improvers – Thursdays at 5pm.

BOOGIE BUGS EARLY YRS MUSIC & MOVEMENT 3-6YRS: This class has had some fun new elements added, as I’ve collaborated and trained over Christmas with collegues around the world working in the early years field. This class is a great mix of song and dance, educational games and activities and always contains my own original songs as well the work of others – there’s always something new and fun and it’s full of sound, colour and great songs, friendships and sounds.

BOOGIE BUGS SCHEDULE: Wednesdays at 4pm

GROUP SINGING: Our Singing group for ages 6 – 14 is themed this year to give us something to celebrate each week! Working and doing school work at home can be tough, so we’ve decided to keep things positive! Focussing on uplifting, fun, upbeat and inspiring songs, we’ll sing our hearts out celebrating life and our own amazing selves! As always, lessons will include singing & breathing techniques, group work, collaboration, solo work and harmony. We hope to fit in another recording later this year depending on restrictions, and have decided on the really empowering song ‘The Power in Me’, by Rebecca Lawerence, who is really looking forward to hearing our take on her song! This class is a combination of two previously in-person groups – The Music Box Singers & The Sliabh Sneacht Singers – but it also includes students from outside our immediate location – one of the perks of having classes online!! We welcome you all – it’s been a great opportunity to share songs together ❤

SINGING SCHEDULE: Wednesdays 5pm

*BEGINNER GUITAR/UKULELE – a list is in operation to assertain if these classes can begin on Zoom or will wait for in person sessions to resume. Please get in touch to add your name and we’ll let you know if these groups will progress.


Registration couldn’t be easier – just pop me a message on our FB page – OR use the contact form on our website OR email:

Fee Payments – classes this term are charged as follows:

Guitar Academy – €5 per class – payable at the start of each month via PayPal or Revolut

Boogie Bugs Music & Movement – €5 per class – payable at the start of each month via PayPal or Revolut

Group Singing – €4 per class – payable at the start of each month via PayPal or Revolut / Revolut 0863068655



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