‘Christmastime Again’ – a timeless song and a special project for us!

Hi there,
I’m Delighted to share ‘Christmastime Again’ with you. You can view it any time at this link:

It’s a perfect Christmas song with a wonderful story in a year where we need all the cheer we can get!This song was written by two Buncrana men 40 years ago.  Neil Doherty & the late Colm Smith.  They have played music and sung and directed going back to the early showbands and throughout their lives were always involved in local music.  Colm was in the local Pantomime Orchestra and Neil was the director of it for decades.  Phil Coulter actually wrote the closing song for Buncrana’s panto during their tenure, a gorgeous song entitled ‘Best Wishes’.  

This song was recorded back when it was written, but then faded into history until Neil gave me one of his CD’s last year and mentioned there was an old Christmas song on it, I couldn’t believe how lovely it was and I taught it to lots of local children last year.  It was a special moment when Neil and his wife Helen came to hear it performed for the first time in decades.  The children were so proud.  

Despite covid, we were determined to bring it back to life, so with careful social distancing, children from our Community Music school – The Music Box,  recorded it this year with Derry producer Eamonn Karran. Local photographer Donal Kearney made a gorgeous video featuring old and and new Christmas photos from local residents as well as some beautiful local wintery scenes.  

It’s a real Christmas Card from Donegal, and the song is full of the spirit of Christmas for people everywhere with it’s lovely nostalgic sound and catchy chorus.Please make it part of your offerings this year, I really think it will be loved far and wide and spread some much needed warmth in a tough time.

2 thoughts on “‘Christmastime Again’ – a timeless song and a special project for us!

  1. Katrina Vaughan says:

    Hello, I’m trying to find a copy of the CD by Colm Smith and Neil Doherty entitled Speaking to God.
    My priest was playing the cd this morning before mass and I only heard a couple of songs but thought it was beautiful. Do you know where I could buy a copy from? He said he had been given the cd by one of his parishioners.
    Thank you for your help
    Katrina Vaughan

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