We’re Staying Hybrid, Come What May!!

Early yrs Music & Movement, Group Singing/Music & Guitar Academy will remain as hybrid classes even when restrictions are lifted as we’ve really found our sea legs in the world of zoom classes and taken the opportunity to embrace this new experience!! So we’re now officially world wide!

This is such a great decision for our students as we hopefully head back to less restrictions in the coming weeks. It means that the option is still there to work with us on zoom each week, and enjoy our group music classes no matter where you are in the world! We have been able to build our community of musical wonders in Boogie Bugs Music & Movement 3-6yrs, singers aged 4 – 15 and Guitar Academy beyond our locale, to welcome children from various parts of the country. We would be delighted to welcome you too, whether you hope to join in person at some stage, or create with us on zoom from your location!

Moving to virtual classes has been a great challenge for us all – but I decided it was important to take the leap and the children have really settled in so well. I look forward to sharing their company and music every week, sharing a bit of banter and an occasional show and tell 🙂

Materials are shared via email. Zoom links are sent via email or fb messenger/Whatsapp We’ve really found our groove and even managed to record a brilliant song before Christmas! Our singers have plans to record again before Summer. Local students will do so in person if possible, and remote students will do so electronically. Music & Movement children and guitarists will be recording with us too!

Early Years Music for 3-6yrs – Fun, inclusive and education

Our music classes have always been based on building a life long love of music and giving children the basis of a lifetime of learning – whether you sing, play or just enjoy! There is value in every kind of music so we explore as many eras and genres as possible. We foster confidence and inclusion and put great emphisis on class support and comeraderie – we’re all working at our own levels but as long as we’re progressing – that’s ok (and we are!).

I spent some time at the Old Town School of Folk Music when I lived in Chicago and was taught by the legend Dinny Mc Laughlin here in Inishowen as a child. Both experiences gifted me a great love of live music, of participation at every level of experience, and the knowledge that music is a gift that never stops giving!

And so, we are delighted to throw our doors open to you – Music is so good for us in so many ways, and of course the mental health benefits and the opportunity to meet up with other kids weekly have never been more important. I’m so happy we will be here for you no matter where you are, whatever happens!

Feel free to get in touch any time if you have questions about joining our classes. http://www.facebook.com/themusicboxschool or email themusicboxireland@gmail.com

Current classses are:

Boogie Bugs Music & Movement 3-6yrs – Wednesdays at 4pm

Group Singing 5-15yrs – Wednesdays at 5pm

Guitar Academy (previous experience only at the moment) – Thursdays at 6pm

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