Online Workshops in Singing or Songwriting for schools, clubs & workplaces.

Did you know that I frequently travel to schools, clubs and even workplaces to deliver workshops? Of course most of this is happening online now, but it’s still a great way to introduce music or new concepts and opportunities in music. I really do believe anyone can write a song, and I love getting the chance to show how achievable it is! From stand alone workshops, to a series of workshops run over a few weeks, these workshops are suitable from age 7 right through secondary school and beyond! They can really open your eyes to new possibilities and create a wonderful sense of challenge and achievement.

Singing is a great way to lift the spirits, and while we may have to wait a while for our group singing to come back – when it does we’ll be ready! Whether you’re working towards a particular event, or engaging in focussed work learning songs and improving technique – I can help you improve collaboration, increase comeraderie, introduce harmony and solos, and perhaps even consider a performance! Both the Songwriting and the Singing workshops are perfect for adults as well as children – the benefits of music don’t expire with age!

I’m happy to chat or answer any questions – so ask away!

Email: Facebook: The Music Box. Ph:0863068655

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