The Music keeps coming! More music for 3-6yrs – and 6yrs+ in Guitar & Singing!

So here at The Music Box we are in the final run up to Summer Holidays, and things are busy!  But the music doesn’t stop for Summer!  Our annual Summer Camp is no open for registration too, so don’t miss that for ages 6+.  For our 3-6yrs, classes continue on Wednesday afternoons till the end of JUNE, but our popular SATURDAY MORNING CLUB is now also running so get in touch to book your place!  Come now and then, or come every week, but please be sure to get in touch – we don’t like to over-cr18268184_1527948123883999_6091671377826825843_nowd!

Here are the details for Summer Camp!  It’s jam packed with new and old songs, both for singers and guitarists.  We have guest tutors for a new perspective and lots of fun along the way.  It’s a great way to learn about collaboration, songwriting techiques and writing exercises.  Creating the music as well as the lyrics, and looking beyond song structure to the human elements of songwriting.  There is the option of a Singing/Songwriting camp, which requires no previous experience, or the Guitar/Songwriting camp which requires at least 6 months previous playing experience.




Here’s a link to our Saturday Morning Club for 3-6yrs!