Very Early Years Music & You!

We’ve had some amazing 0-3yrs classes this past year both in The Exchange in Buncrana, and the Sliabh Sneacht Centre in Drumfries.  There’s so much more to this experience that just singing Wheels on the Bus – though that’s great fun too!  Everything we do is based on fun and helping our kids learn and grow, and doing it with the people they love and regularly sing and play with!  earlyyrsmusicbernie3

It’s motor skills, it’s spatial awareness, it’s literacy, it’s speech, it’s expression, it’s social, it’s gaining confidence, it’s learning what it means to work within a group.

Of course it’s also full of song and dance, colour and activity, bubbles, parachutes, scarves and lots of laughter!

You as the adult, play a huge part in our 0-3 class, particularly in terms of what you and your child will get out of it, so it’s important to us that you are relaxed and enjoying things too.  We may even bribe you with a wee cuppa before we start to get you settled in.  Also, I’m very aware that on busy mornings, parents may not even see a cup of tea or coffee before they leave the house!!

The best way to get the most out of class for both of you is to make sure you stay engaged in what’s happening and stay in the moment with the music and your child.  This is a very social occasion, but if we get completely caught up in chatting to our neighbour, we lose out on the benefits of doing this class together.

Snacks and toys from home are best left in the car, they usually attract plenty of wee ones that would also like your snack and your toy so unless you brought enough for everyone, it can be distracting.  Of course babies need to eat when they need to eat, so by all means feed those babas!

Otherwise, get comfy – have that wee cuppa before we start and settle in for a lovely time shared with your child.  It’s hard to get free time, to find activities to share so young, and music is one thing that reaches across all ages and generations.  You’ll hear songs that you sang when you were little and lots of new songs to share together.  We incorporate lots of different sounds and activities to keep everyone interested and if there’s anything you think we should add or change, we’d love to hear that too! cropped-boogiebugsjpeg1.jpg

Looking forward, as always, to our next 0-3yrs block of classes and to seeing all your wee ones enjoying the music and action! ❤