Meet Bernie

I’ve performed in the Sunflower Fest Summer Festival, Stendhal Arts Festival,  Feel Good Fortnight festival, and the Earagail Arts festival among others.  I’m the early years music facilitator every summer for the Playhouse Theatre in Derry, and the Donegal Library Services children’s arts festival.  I regularly perform my own songs as part of Live & Original Sessions, an event I run for adults creating & performing (mostly) their own music/songs/poetry & writing, and get the odd opportunity to sing on our local radio station if I’m good.

Days are divided between working in family centres, performing arts facilities & schools throughout the region, and continuing to write music & songs of all kinds, continually improve the Wee Glee Singers & Sliabh Sneacht Singers, Guitar Academy, Boogie Bugs (and it’s little sister class Tiny Stars), Summer Camps & songwriting workshops! With a backgroud in journalism, I still write occasionally too!

I run The Music Box, The Live & Original Sessions, The Anti Bullying Art Exhibition and help run The Exchange Inishowen.  Things get pretty busy!



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