Winter Work……

This is a quiet time for shows, but a hectic time of work & progress in all our classes….Without performance deadlines we can knuckle down and improve everything we do and forge ahead in lessons.  300x300

With guitar it’s chords, notes, variations, visiting teachers, more difficult pieces, and in singing it’s tone, breathing, confidence, solo work and focused work in the group on improving our sound and controlling our voices.

What all this means is that these are the weeks and months where real


progress is made.  It also means attendance is really important, or work has to be repeated and time is lost in doing so week after week!

Whether you are a new guitarist or a veteran singer – group needs you!  It’s the basis of any good group that you attend for your fellow members so the whole group benefits.

We are off to a great start of new perspectives and ways of approaching our work, but we need all hands on deck to get the most of it.  Hope you see the differences come Summer! ❤