Guitar goals – February is a BIG month for us!

guitarsIf you are in any of our guitar classes – you’ll know that for the month of Feb we are focused on our technical proficiency!  Sounds like fun doesn’t it……probably not and to be honest it’s hard work too lol!  But it’s sooooooo worth it!  Every now and then we put down the song sheets and focus on the chords/tabs/scales/bars etc we’ve been working on to make sure that we don’t just ‘kind of’ know these things but rather we know them inside and out, backwards and forwards and that we are growing into players that can pick up a guitar and play somewhere outside of class, start a band, play for family, school events, community events and of course – exams at school!

Many of our older players are already dabbling in these areas, so depending on the level of your class, we’re perfecting some or all of the following areas

  • chords
  • tabs
  • scales
  • bar chords
  • notes on the fret board
  • capo key changes

This is all so necessary especially in group classes to make sure that no one is falling through the cracks or falling behind in any area.  I always encourage the kids to come tell me if something doesn’t make sense, but these weeks are crucial to get us all up to speed.  As always attendance is so important.  With full attendance we can move quickly and avoid repeating lessons, so weather permitting – we’ll all be much better players in March than we were in January!