My Story, My Song

‘My Story, My Song’, is a wonderful project I’m undertaking to help you think about your own story – at any age, and be guided through the process of turning it into a song.

Recently, I’ve been working on songwriting – not just my own, but working with others, to help them create their own songs! It’s something that can be done individually or in groups and is a perfect project for this current zoom age.

It’s been a great opportunity for me to hone my skills in sharing the joy of songwriting and also to show others that not only can they achieve this for themselves and their families, but that everyone has a story to tell! Perhaps a story from your own life, a wish for your future, a family member remembered or celebrated, or some local history recalled. It’s a wonderful achievement and something I intend to continue in various projects in the future.

It has started recently as a pilot though a project for my course at the Royal Irish Academy of Music, and it has been a revelation to me how much I’ve enjoyed really reflecting on the importance of music and songwriting, rather than just diving in head first and doing it!

I’m very much looking forward to spreading the songwriting bug and guiding lots of you through the experience in the coming years!