Introducing “Music Box Seniors” – coming in Sept 2018!!

A special group just for our secondary school singers to grow and perform songs at a pace that suits their age!musicForever3

**Combining Singing, instruments (optional), writing and arranging, this group will be made up of students who are now in secondary school, who are graduating from our younger singing groups, or wishing to join as new students.
**It will be lead by the students in partnership with me, and they will have their own specific lesson plans, targets and challenges to create and learn music that suits their age, add their own style to it and work in collaboration with each other – supporting group and solo projects with music, harmonies, ideas etc.

**Class will still meet on Wednesdays 5-6pm (as their singing class always has), but they will have a seperate room to work on their own projects, while supporting and mentoring the younger singers in occasional group songs.

**This class is not a replacement for Guitar Academy, as no instrument instruction will be given, but students are welcome to bring any instruments along if it adds to their work.

**During regular Music Box Singing shows, these students will have the opportunity to perform their own pieces, as well as learning how to use our voice and video recording equipment and running their own Music Box Seniors online music channel. They will also have the option to put on their own performances as the class progresses.

I really think this class will be a great step into musical independence for our older performers and an opportunity to show their own musical style and passion. I can’t wait to see what they do next!!