Seattle Guitars Instruments Tower Electric GuitarsWhoa, it’s a busy term!  Here’s a round up of our beginner and advanced classes, show news and some help for post primary children preparing for practical exams! There’s so much happening in all the classes and everyone is thriving – finding their feet, learning new skills and taking on a big show production this Christmas!

Our beginners are flying – learning at a huge rate, and my only request is PLEASE find some time for practice to keep the momentum going!  I always tell them, if you only have 10 minutes, it will definitely help, so use whatever time you can, don’t worry about waiting for that perfect day when you have a full hour to dedicate to practice.  Every 10 minutes spent with the guitar in your hands is really worthwhile!

Our more advanced groups are tackling some difficult concepts and skills, and we are also working with our post primary students in preparation for practical music exams in school.  We are helping to choose songs that they can learn and play to a polished standard, adding difficulty and detail to impress examiners, and setting aside time in class when we can ensure they are prepared and happy with their pieces!

Of course we’re changing our show format this year, switching to one large production featuring all classes (apart from beginners), and taking away some of the comforts of previous shows, like song sheets!  Our students will learn to play off sheet and already they are trusting that they can pull it off and are really giving it a great shot!  In addition, we’re still furthering their skills and hopefully continuing to ensure they are guaranteed one hour a week where they are happy, confident, accepted and welcomed!   We really are good to each other and I hope the children know how important that is to me.  I’m proud of them for it.

If you’re interested in playing guitar, or returning to guitar after a break, we can try to accommodate your level.  Beginners can only join till the end of October, but children with previous playing experience can join at any time.  Classes take place in Buncrana & Drumfries. Guitar academyposter2018-page-001


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