Music club for Secondary School Children

Music Box Seniors is a brand new group just for secondary school singers to grow musically, and perform songs at a pace and in an environment that suits their age – and it’s open to anyone regardless of their previous experience in music or singing! musicboxsnrsposter2018-page-001It’s a class I’ve been asked by our older students to create, so that they have continuing opportunities in music as they get older.  Music is a vital component of young lives, so it’s important have a creative outlet, to continue to build and retain confidence and to nurture performing and singing, as well as playing music, dancing etc.  Our singing groups often have the opportunity to record and these projects will also include the seniors! It truly offers a chance for participants to take all the skills they’ve learned so far in life, and put it all together, and of course music is so therapeutic and beneficial for mental well-being and resilience. 

Although based on a singing group model, students can add any instruments they play, movement & dance, or try writing and arranging.   They’ll also be helping with show production. This group will be made up of students who are now in secondary school, who are graduating from one of our younger singing groups, or who wish to join as new students.  It will be affordable for all students.

It will be largely lead by the students in partnership with me & assisting tutors. Students will have their own specific lesson plans, targets and challenges to create and learn music that suits their age.  

Class will meet on Wednesdays 5-6pm in The Exchange, Buncrana, separately from the younger singers, and students will work on their own projects, while supporting and mentoring the younger singers in occasional projects.  

There is a wide scope of possibilities but it’s all there for the taking and I hope they grab as much opportunity as they can and bring their ideas to our groups too – I’d love to hear them! I really think this class will be a great step into musical independence for our older performers and an opportunity to show their own musical style and passion. I can’t wait to see what they do next!!

The first meeting of Music Box Seniors will be Wed Sept 5th in The Exchange, to work together group plans and get the music started! Guitar classes for beginners and returning students continue at the usual times. Book your place via Facebook at The Music Box, or call Bernie at 086 3068655


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