Whoa – somebody stop the rollercoaster!!

Well just like everyone else this year, here at The Music Box we’ve had start dates, close dates, likely dates and re-open dates! It’s definitely been quite the ride, but I’m ready to hop off now and settle into something that is sustainable, beneficial, positive and totally doable – ONLINE CLASSES!!

Beginning from TUESDAY 13th OCTOBER, all our MUSIC BOX classes will run using ZOOM for our live classes and a very easy wee app called SLACK for students to stay in touch, access notes etc. The IDP ran a great course recently offering help to move classes online, and I really feel having had a couple of weeks of in person classes, that we can progress online and maintain our wonderful sense of community as we do!

Boogie Bugs Music & Movement 3-6yrs

Singing/Music 6-14yrs

Guitar Academy Age 6+ – various levels.

We are DELIGHTED to welcome new students to Boogie Bugs 3-6yrs, Singing & Music AND Guitar Academy from anywhere!!!


Wed 4.15, Boogie Bugs 3-6yrs

Wed 5.15, Singing & Music

Wed 6pm Advanced Guitar

Thur 5pm, Beginner Guitar

Thur 6pm, Intermediate Guitar


Singing & Music €4 Weekly**Guitar Academy €5 Weekly**Boogie Bugs $5 Weekly


We can do all our work on ZOOM safely and it’s really simple – once we get the first week over, we’ll all be masters!  Classes will all run at their usual times (I know this will be tricky for kids in after schools, but maybe their carers will jump on board too!).  

Our classes will still run for 45 mins. If you want to join the online sessions, you can do so by paying weekly on Paypal, and I can then forward a zoom meeting link to you on FB or via email. Paypal address is:  paypal.me/berniedohertymusic – pls be sure to include your child’s name/class in the notes section of paypal.

In addition, I’ll also be asking you to download the SLACK app (pretty name!).  This is a really simple free app where I can share notes and classwork, where families and kids can stay in touch or ask me or each other questions if they’d like too. I’ll need your email address to add you to our Music Box Slack account so please send that on as soon as possible.  In Slack, each class has a link so it’s very easy to navigate and find the work related to your class.

I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to this, hopeful that after the school break, we can meet face to face and maybe even complete our Christmas project – but even if we can’t – I have a wonderful Spring Music & Video recording plan in place too don’t ya know!!

Get in touch with your questions!!

Chat soon,

Bernie xxx

http://www.facebook.com/themusicboxschool / themusicboxireland@gmail.com

http://www.themusicboxireland.com / http://www.berniedohertymusic.com

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