Musical Independence!

Sounds intriguing…….

guitarsThis term most of our guitarists are selecting songs themselves – working on them at home and in class – working more towards becoming ‘performers’ and ‘independent’, rather than continually playing a prepared list of songs together.  My aim is that they will feel more in control of their music and their playing – and that ultimately one song will lead to another – one new chord or variation will lead to more new discoveries – tabs, power chords, bar chords – they’re all being incorporated already, and because it’s music chosen by them – they are more driven to work on them at home as well!

I am also encouraging everyone to sing while they play, in class as well as at home.  Many of our guitarists are singers, but in a ‘guitar class’ context, they can fall into that idea of only playing, rather than keeping both skills going together.  Not all our guitarists are singers, so that won’t suit everyone, but for many, it’s a confidence building exercise in a room of like minded children who share that ‘we’re all in this together’ view.

We’ll see where it goes – we’re, still working on a few group songs to make sure our learning is incorporating important ‘next steps’, but after just a couple of weeks of this additional element – it’s definitely paying off in terms of what I’m hearing the students play in class, and how much enjoyment they are getting from figuring out the songs themselves, and working with me on new chords, difficult stretches in the music and song choices.

Great start to the year guitarists ❤

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