Music. By Amy Doherty

Our students like to write about Music as well as play and sing.  Here’s a wee piece by Amy Doherty!

Music. By Amy Doherty.

Music is really fun to do.  Some instruments are easy to learn and some are hard.  My sister and I play guitar. Guitar is really fun and easy to do.  My guitar teacher is really nice to us. There’s 13 people at my guitar class.  There are 3 boys and 10 girls. My guitar teacher is called Bernie. I also go to singing and she is my singing teacher too.  We do a lot of shows with her and recording. We do Summer shows and Christmas shows. I love singing and guitar. I go to singing and guitar on a Tuesday at the Sliabh Sneacht Centre.  Singing lasts an hour and guitar lasts an hour. On Thursday we are having a show in the Plaza. My sister and I both have a solo. Mine is Jingle Bells, and my sisters is Jingle Bell Rock.  My sister is doing hers with Cloadagh and Kiera. I am doing mine with Makensie. There are a lot of people doing solos. I am really nervous about it because I have to sing by myself. There are going to be a lot of people at the show.  I practice music all week long. My singing starts at 5 and ends at 6, and guitar starts at 6 and ends at 7.

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