SEPTEMBER – classes registering now!

858d6ea41b24557165d8d005c1912d34Thanks to those that have already booked places in our classes in September!  Here are the classes still accepting new students, and then below that are more details about those classes including times.

Please note, All classes this year will be pay weekly for September, before moving to monthly payments from October.  Existing students please pm to confirm places from last year.


Guitar Academy, age 6 +, beginners and improvers in The Exchange, Buncrana.

Wee Glee Singers, age 6+ in The Exchange.

Boogie Bugs 3-6yrs in The Exchange.

Sliabh Sneacht Singers, age 6+ in the Sliabh Sneacht Centre, Drumfries.

Guitar Academy, age 6+, improvers only in the Sliabh Sneacht Centre, Drumfries.

Wee Glee Singers/Sliabh Sneacht Singers.  musi

These groups are amazing – affordable and lively, they are performance based singing groups that perform at their own Christmas and Summer shows, as well as smaller appearances at charity and community events throughout the year.  We focus on technique, confidence and collaboration, and respect and appreciation for performance of all levels.  We have loads of solos, harmonies and everyone shares a great experience – learning so much while having a great time, and building life long memories and friends!  As with all our groups, we endeavour to keep costs low, so there are no big surprises along the way – just the cost of classes and the option to buy our t-shirt/hoodie. WEE GLEE meets in The Exchange in Buncrana on Wednesdays 5-6pm, and SLIABH SNEACHT SINGERS meet in Drumfries on Tuesdays 5-6pm

Guitar Academy, beginners

guitarsWe try to accommodate beginners every year, and this year beginners will meet in The Exchange in Buncrana on Thursdays at 4pm.   We try hard to learn a few basic chords in the first couple of months so that by Halloween we’re starting to put a few tunes together to keep the kids interested instead of just looking at chord sheets!  Again, we are focused on the music and performance – but in a group class, we are always good to each other and supportive, fostering the confidence to play in front of each other, and eventually our families and friends.

Guitar Academy, Improvers

Whether you’re returning after the Summer break, or have lapsed in your playing for a while, we have groups at various levels of playing so we can find the right fit for you and you’ll be very welcomed back to guitar playing!!  Get in touch to discuss where your child’s playing level lies and we’ll get to work! VARIOUS TIMES, PM FOR DETAILS

Boogie Bugs 3-6yrscropped-boogiebugsjpeg1.jpg

This is where it all begins!  Our youngest drop off class that is full of life, sound, colour and movement!  We do it all in this group, and lay the foundations for a life long love of music, singing, playing, songwriting and performing.  We explore the sounds of many instruments and enjoy all kinds of songs and dances, as well as the opportunity to take to the stage in a non pressured way to protect those tiny musicians of the future from stage fright 🙂  This class meets on Wednesdays 4-5pm in Buncrana.

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