Songwriting for children, part of The Music Box Summer Camps.

songwriting-from-idea-to-finished-songBoth our Singing and our Guitar Summer Camps incorporate Songwriting, and it’s not just the idea of it, we will write a real song together during the camp – collaborating, sharing ideas, learning about song structure, different types of song, trying out ideas, learning if those ideas work and changing them if they don’t.   We will share this collaborated work, but also write individually and these exercises do not have to be shared with the group so the children can feel free to write what they want.

We’re learning a few songs during camp that are pop songs, modern songs but still a form of ‘protest’ song – a kind of social commentary that has always been popular in music, but of course most popular in the 60’s.  So we’ll look at what we might want to write about if we were to try out this style and write a few lines of our own protest songs.

We will look at the idea of ‘storytelling’ through song and try a few lines of that style also, and we will also look at pop that is just for fun, with lyrics that rhyme and flow but maybe don’t say much of anything at all!!!!

Ultimately in a group setting it’s about working together, respecting ideas and being brave enough to suggest edits or something that might work better, and accepting the ideas of others for the benefit of the project.  It’s fun, challenging and interesting and in the past we have created some great music – though we never know what will happen when the pens come out!

With lots of guest tutors coming in this year, we’ll have perspective from various performers and all of that will make us stronger singers, players, performers and now also – songwriters!

Guitar camp is full with a waiting list (pls pm if you want to be added to the cancellation list), and Singing camp is almost full so book quickly for that one!

Camp runs from 10 – 13 July (4 days) in The Exchange in Buncrana.  Singers are in 10 – 1, Guitarists are in from 1.30 – 4.30.  The fee is €45, and there is discount for families or children attending both. Pls bring lunch.

Contact on FB or text 0863068655.

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