Call out for art for Anti Bullying Art Exhibition.

I’m delighted to announce the dates of the 3rd annual Anti Bullying Art Exhibition in Donegal & Derry! The Buncrana exhibition will take place on November 18, 19 & 20th November in The Exchange Inishowen.  All the work will then move to The Playhouse Theatre Derry where it will be on view in the Gallery from November 21 to December 1st.
This year we’re adopting the hashtag #NoMoreBystanders to try to get the message across that you can help victims of bullying without putting yourself in danger.
In 2013 I ran some free anti bullying workshops.  As part of these events, the children attending created anti bullying posters.   Often children might give the answer they think we want to hear when we’re talking to them, but in art, they are more honest, and taking the time to create the art makes the understanding more real.
No two pieces of art were alike and each one was so beautiful, that the idea for an exhibition devoted to the topic took hold. It was eventually brought to life in our first two day exhibition, which took place in November 2014 in Buncrana, Co. Donegal, Ireland.
It was a brilliant success! We had 249 pieces of art submitted.  Every one was displayed, and more than 400 people visited the exhibition over its short run.
Many of our visitors shared stories of their own experiences, or those of close friends and family.  Some of the stories were close to 50 years old, but those old feelings of hurt still remained.
We knew we’d done something important, and vowed to do it every year! Last year we expanded and went cross border!  We exhibited in The Exchange in Buncrana, and in The Playhouse Theatre in Derry and our exhibition attracted the work of professional artists as well as amateur artists & teens – and of course, the heart of our exhibition – the children’s art!
We now invite you, your school, your club, or any child or adult who is interested to submit art for our 3rd Anti Bullying Art Exhibition which is scheduled to take place in mid November.  Art can be on canvas, art paper or regular paper and you can also submit a poem or short written piece or sculpture if you prefer.
This Exhibition is as much about equality, awareness & healing as it is about bullying, and the work last year ranged from poems, to anti bullying posters, to sculpture & art that depicted the feelings created in the victims, as well as those of the bully, and those that have survived, thrived and have positive messages to share.
This project is organised, by Bernie Doherty of The Music Box – a tiny music school and a social enterprise that keeps a few community projects on the go!  Without the help of family and amazing volunteers it would not happen, so if you are in our area, & would like to help out – let us know – volunteering for this project is very rewarding and your ideas are welcomed!
We look forward to seeing all the art and presenting your work with care and gratitude.
You can drop art to The Exchange if you’re local (or I can collect), or mail it to The Exchange, Castle Avenue, Buncrana, Co. Donegal, Ireland. Check out the last two years exhibitions at
Bernie’s contact details: Phone: 086 3068655, email:
Sincerely, Bernie Doherty, The Music Box & The Exchange Inishowen




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