Boogie Bugs 0-3yrs – our littlest musical heroes!

Early years music & movement is so much fun – it is possible to arrive feeling sluggish, maybe not quite ‘in the mood’ for nursery rhymes – but it is IMPOSSIBLE to feel that way by the end of class!

All the madness and fun started some years back – with the notion that we definitely needed a music & movement class for babes and parents in our area.  So much grew from that tiny seed, just as our first ever Boogie Bugs grew, and many of them are now part of our singing groups and guitar academy classes!


Did you know the Boogie Bugs logo was hand drawn by me!! #NotAnArtist!!

Here’s a quick breakdown of what happens in class, but also (importantly) why we do what we do!  We include songs (many written by me) sitting on your knee, up on our feet, dancing with & without you (depending on age) and a cuddle song or two (depending on mood of little one!) for co-ordination, sometimes closeness, sometimes independence, rhythm & the educational benefits of repetition and nursery rhymes.  We introduce instruments for sensory exploration, participation, rhythm, motor skills, social skills and general noise, craic & mayhem.

The subject matter of the songs always uses simple, clear language and is age appropriate, but reinforces learning about all those important early years topics – numbers, letters, colours, sounds, animals, animal sounds, food, good eating – all the hot button issues!!

Sensory play is an important part of early years work, so it continues with our beautiful bubbles, our parachute and scarves (depending on setting).

With all this inadvertent learning happening, it’s important to remember how much fun we’re having, how great it is to see all the smiles, all those tiny hands joining in on action songs from such a young age.

Any early years teacher in preschool & primary school settings will tell you that nursery rhymes and the repetition of songs and stories are the building blocks to early education – reading and writing.  We are playing, but we are playing our way into a great start in life – it’s a win win for us all!

We have a two special end of summer classes on  Wednesday August 23rd & 30th in The Exchange Buncrana at 12 o’clock for ages 0-3.  Class lasts about 45 minutes & is €5 per child (€8 for 2 from the same family, &  €10 for 3 siblings.  Children older than 3 that are coming along to help mammy or daddy go free!    We hope to organise regular music for our littlest babes from September!

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