Things you may not know about The Music Box

We work very very hard!

Music has really brought us together.  We’re a wonderful little community and we always have each others backs!  I am always sourcing new songs, being very careful that they are projects we can feasibly complete, while still challenging us to learn and grow and move onwards and upwards.

We are a small little group – as in, it’s just me!  I am always available though and completely open to your suggestions.  I don’t have the monopoly on good ideas, and sometimes mine are even bad lol!  (not often!).

I am always trying new things to see what will help us progress, what works and what doesn’t.

I do lots more than your class- there’s singing, guitar, preschool groups, parent and toddler groups, school projects, after school teen projects, anti bullying work and exhibitions, summer camps and festivals – but I still always make it home for dinner 🙂

I play a little bit of lots of instruments – a little guitar, ukelele, tin whistle – I’ve recently tried out the autoharp and loved it as much as I thought I would, I’m learning the banjo and I can still screech out a tune on the fiddle and maybe the piano.  I really plan to get better at 2 or 3 of these at some point!

I write lots of songs, some for children, some not.  Lots of my songs are heard regularly at classes and I also pick songs from my youth or recent songs that I like.  I will admit, it’s pretty cool to hear your favourite music played and sung back to you all the time 🙂

Right now there’s lots of music and singing happening for our older kids as we work towards playing some tunes for our families in the summer…..

Our smaller music makers – our Boogie Bugs and Tiny Stars are having a ball with our ‘walking ’round the farm’ song, and our ‘hands up if you like fruit’ songs!

please get in touch anytime, and thanks for allowing me to teach a little music to your children x

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